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There are lots of ways to find what you're looking for at Sew4Home. Scroll through the home page teasers. Browse and click the main navigation tabs. Look in our Project Index. Or simply search by key word. But sometimes, it's nice to simply have one handy list of links to refer to in a specific category. We've pulled together our top ten articles that show a variety of ways you can keep things closed.?

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Are these all the possible choices? Of course not. But they are some of the most common – especially in the world of home décor and accessories.?

Be sure to leave us a comment below if you have a particular favorite you'd like to know more about.?

This popular little clasp is the go-to closure on everything from casual backpacks to high-end handbags. As with anything that includes moving parts, and may involve tools to install, it can seem intimidating. Here's the secret about this two-part lock: it's actually quite easy to put in.?

Go to the Push Lock tutorial.

This pretty closure comes in a wide array of beautiful shapes, color, and designs. It creates a very professional finish that is both secure and convenient to operate with one hand. As with the Push Lock above, don't be scared. The key to an easy install is confirming the placement of both halves.

Go to the Turn Lock tutorial.

The magnetic snap is indispensable to the construction of purses, totespersonalized gifts for her ideas, and bags. We've used them on dozens of Sew4Home projects, and especially love their ability to add hidden closure on flaps. Our tutorial shows you the basic steps for marking, reinforcing, and installing.?

Go to the Magnetic Snaps tutorial.?

Installing snaps is pretty simple. You just take a series of tiny metal rings, line them up within a millimeter of perfection, then crush the whole assemblage together as hard as you can through several layers of fabric. What could possibly go wrong? We provide expert tips and tricks.?

Go to the Metal Snaps tutorial.

One of history's classic closures, today's zippers come in a huge variety of options, from multi-colored teeth to decorative tapes on both plastic and metal varieties. Whatever type of sewing you do, you'll eventually need to install a zipper. No worries. As with everything else, if you know the proper steps, it's easy.?

Go to the Conventional Zipper tutorial.?

Believe it or not (after reading this tutorial, you should believe it), the invisible or concealed zipper is actually the easiest of zippers to install. The teeth are attached on the reverse side of the zipper tape, so when closed, the zipper sits underneath the seam and the tape, making it invisible.

Go to the Invisible Zipper tutorial.

Also known as "flat top" or "set in" zippers, you've seen this style on loads of handbags and totes. It sits below the top of the bag, running flat across the top, featuring tabs at either end, and is secured to the bag's lining with a simple facing, which is what allows it to be recessed.

Go to the Inset Zipper tutorial.

The most basic of closures, but with the largest variety of sizes, shapes, and styles (depending on your machine). We have easy instructions on how to put in a buttonhole for both automatic and basic sewing machines. From marking where it goes to hiding that final thread tail.

Go to the Machine Buttonholes tutorial.?

If you have buttonholes, you're going to need buttons. Although sewing on a button is one of the first (and sometimes the only) sewing task we learn, there are always ways to improve. Find out our favorite, super speedy, five-step process to perfect buttons.

Go to the Speedy Button Sewing tutorial.

An overview of some other common ways to fasten one thing to another. After reviewing these, as well as the other nine from this page, leave us a comment below and let us know what else you'd like us to think about adding to our tutorial library. We're sure there are some new ideas out there we need to explore!

Go to the Fasteners article.?

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