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Turtles get a bad rap. They are the go-to metaphor for all things sluggish and slow. Cartoons depict them as dull-witted and sleepy. But as one of the animal kingdom's oldest species, they deserve a lot of respect. We're proud to introduce our favorite turtle, Toby. He's not only as cute as they come with his shy smile (made with darts!), he also has a job: holding his owner's PJs in a hidden pocket on his bottom shell. Thanks, Toby!

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Unlike his real-life counterpartspersonalized gifts for her ideas, our turtle is cuddly soft from top to bottom. He's meant to be a little pillow pal, and as such, his head is designed to be a bit droopy rather than sticking straight out. We embellished Toby with a bow for some of his photo shoot poses. It's a fun way to add a spot of color when you're green-on-green. To make sure your project is extra huggable, check out our tutorial on pillow stuffing tips, tricks and tools.?

Our fabric came from Shannon Fabrics, the home of Cuddle fleece. As wholesalers, they carry the world's largest selection of plush fleece, fabulous faux fur, Embrace double gauze, and more. You can find their wonderfully soft options at fine in-store and online retailers everywhere. We found our Green and White Swiss Dot for Toby's top half at The Green Chevon originally used for his bottom shell and secret PJ pocket is no longer available, but there's a cute matching Stripe as well as a jumbo Mod Dot, both of which would be fun alternatives.?

Please note that Toby Turtle has button eyes. They are very securely stitched in place (you'll see below how they are secured with heavy thread through his head to create a bit of a tufted look). But, if you want to make him for a very young child, you may want to consider using appliquéd fabric circles instead of buttons. Just make sure you choose a fabric that will not bleed onto the fleece when washed.

Toby finishes at approximately 21" from nose to tail and 14" wide, measuring up and over his shell but excluding his feet.?

Supplies shown below are for ONE Turtle

NOTE: For our instructions, we will be referring to the fabrics used in our sample: Chevron and Dot.


Project Design: Alicia Thommas?? Sample Creation and Instructional Outline: Debbie Guild

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