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“Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design, architecture –; all in one. It shows the world who we are and we would like to be”.

With those extremely wise, (and not to forget, catchy) words, let us say a big HELLO to you!

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And WELCOME to the first fashion and lifestyle blog from “APUN KA FRY”.? And yes, we truly believe in the words of wisdom mentioned above from the very stylish Blair Waldorf (of Gossip Girl fame).

She believes in the power of fashion and style as much as we dopersonalized gifts for her ideas, because no matter where you are from, or what you do, what you chose to listen to, or eat; ultimately everyone’s aspiration to be beautiful is the same, which is to be fabulous in every way possible. Not the inner beauty kind of fabulous (not that it’s not important) but the outward awesomeness which is reflected by how we take care of ourselves, what we wear, reject to wear, choose to accessorize our homes with, and so so much more!

Fashion and style truly represents our identity and style, doesn’t it?

And if you are nodding your head in agreement, then you are at the right place! Because this site is for boys, girls, ladies, gentlemen, uncles and aunties who follow, admire, and believe in a sense of stylishness and in the joys of urban lifestyle.

Through APUN KA FRY we are going to provide you with options, solutions and information regarding everything related to health, home, fashion and beauty. This simply means that a rich spectra of posts about what to buy, what’s in, what’s out, and the latest from the world of fashion and lifestyle are right here at your disposal.

And yes, we want to hear your thoughts on the blog! You don’t have to be formal; just tell us what you think. (This blog is for YOU after all!).

We are very excited to be able to help in your online style mission. We hope you are too!

Psst…;check out and start updating your lifestyle!

Did you see yesterday’s post…another round of “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO MAKE?”? I love when you guys vote on your most wanted project……and then I try my best to help you figure it out.? So hurry and add your ideas.? We’ll vote in a few days. :)

A few weeks ago, a friend posted on Facebook saying "A friend of mine in graduate school spent the winter in Sweden. She came back with something I can only describe as a winter wrap skirt-coat. It wrapped around her waist and reached the the tops of her feet. This one was water proof and lined with down. I've never seen anything like it in the US, but if I found something similar, I'd wear the crap out of that thing."

Here in Chicago we’re?anticipating the?gardening seaseon (come on Spring!), and I’m taking stock of our gardening “stuff.” I’ve got quite a collection of garden tools, and since our little girl Fidget started to help in the garden last year, she’s got her own collection of tools, too. I was thinking?– what better way to keep all of our tools?in order?than to stitch up a few organizers? It didn’t take me long to find a bunch of awesome tutorials and projects?– and here are my favorites!

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