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OK I'm starting to get my marketing materials updated/created. As of tonight I have an updated website at Featured there you'll find my latest work, which incorporates the digital painting techniques I am so incredibly enamored of of late ... This is just exactly the technical capability I needed to be able to harness my skills and experience as a fine artist. Photoshop CS5 is incredible!! How will they ever top it later this year, when they're scheduled to release CS6?? I feel this opens a whole new world for me ...

Wow, I truly feel grateful to live in the computer age!!

accent pillow case baby canvas home and living

I've also started to work on my business card design at Can't beat their price/quality ratio and the chance to upload up to 100 designs to decorate the card backs. Eeek! Fun.

Sopersonalized gifts for her ideas, if you check out my updated site, you'll see my official announcement: I will be exhibiting at the August edition of Printsource, July 30 - August 1 in New York City!! I'm so excited! So I've got extra incentive to get all these materials together ...

Did you see my new logo there on the website? It may not be final ... after all it is not printed on anything yet ... I need to stare at it for a little while longer. Any thoughts/suggestions?

OK, I know you're not here to listen to me babble, so here's your eye candy:

I pasted together a few photos I took in January when I was shopping for clothes for my daughters at Old Navy. Personally, I really liked this collection. It's coherent because of its color palette and subject matter, but interesting because it incorporates a variety of scales, levels of detail and types of prints (I see a placement, a toss and a few all-over prints). But I'd be really curious to hear what YOU all think. I think this could be fun, critiquing collections that we see in stores. Anyone game?

It's one thing to create one beautiful design, but putting a whole collection together successfully is an art in and of itself!

After we bought our new couch, I couldn’t find the “right” cushions. So I decided to revamp the old ones I had!

What is Patchwork?

I cant tell you how many times I go digging in my sewing box and find all of the spools of thread twisted together! This project is going to make your sewing days a dream cruise...well, something like that. It's cute, cheap, and keeps you organized and I love organized.

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