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Today we offer you another on-trend interior design colour – delicious raspberry. With thoughts of warmer days arriving soon (we hope!) we can turn our attention to the ripe pickings mother nature has to offer and while raspberries are typically associated with summer rather than spring we like to think ahead to give you interior design ideas which will see you through one season and into the next. Raspberries and cream or raspberry ripple ice cream are mouthwatering combinations which you can lean on to be inspired with a new colour scheme in your home.

With metallics remaining on-trend this year it's easy to team raspberry with silvers and pewters to create a stunning style which is classy and sassy. As we saw last week the use of pattern How to Give a Quick Boost to Your Interior by Including Patterns is also on-trend providing you with the ideal opportunity to combine colour and pattern to perk-up your lounge, dining room or bedrooms. As raspberry is such an easy colour to work with (it coordinates with green, blue, whitepersonalized gifts for her ideas, cream, black.etc.) it can be used successfully in both traditional and modern interiors and bridges the gap between masculinity and femininity beautifully.

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From luxury bedding to cheap curtains with a velour or raised pattern in two-tone raspberry these new additions to your rooms can add depth and character, as well as giving them a new look. Marry bedding and curtains with cushions, throws and accessories to bring the look together – you could even use large rugs in raspberry tones to help ground the colour in large rooms or in rooms which have high ceilings.

If metallics aren't your cup of tea raspberry and apple green make a winning colour combination which will brighten even the darkest of rooms – these two colours aren't new, but they are a timeless classic which works well in all styles of homes. Use raspberry wisely otherwise you could end up with 'over-kill' – remember to get a chic interior the 'less is more' rule is a safe bet. If you're feeling adventurous or simply love bold colours you could easily use raspberry on a focal wall successfully, especially if you have a large room. However, to make a statement in a room, a beautiful window dressing or stunning bedding may be all you need to give your rooms the boost they need to bring them bang up to date in terms of colour and chic styling.

When I discovered there was such a thing as “glow in the dark thread” for domestic sewing, I knew some creative projects would appear in my future.? Halloween is the perfect time to sew up whimsical decorations, trick or treat totes and costume elements with glow in the dark thread.

Picking out colors and designs for your baby’s nursery can be so much fun. It can also be a little overwhelming. How do you pick out which color is right for you? How many crib sheets will you need?

The 5 Best Home Flooring Ideas and OptionsSince the floor is a key design element to any room in your new home, you'll need to ask yourself a series of questions so you can be sure you select the right flooring based on design, location, lifestyle and budget.The first step in choosing a floor is deciding what look and feel you want for each room and throughout your home. Remember your floor is a key design element so you'll want to spend some time selecting the right materials (wood, laminate, vinyl, carpet, cork, bamboo, ceramic and linoleum to name a few), colors, patterns, textures and even shapes for each roomAPPROACHPros: Consider your home’s layout. Got an open floor plan? Using the same flooring throughout the space will create a clean, continuous appearance. Cons: Forget about your home’s architectural integrity. By all means, make your home a reflection of your personal style. (Get inspired by these super-cool floor ideas.) Just keep in mind that staying true to your home’s innate style will pay off when it’s time to sell.HARDWOODCons: Hardwoods look very nice and have a great resale value. They are easy to clean and maintain and usually only require vacuuming. Pros: Depending on the type of hardwoods you go with, it could cost you anywhere from rs300 to rs1200 per square foot. Engineered wood will cost you a little less. On top of the cost of materials, you will need to pay to get it installed which will likely run you in the hundreds or thousands of dollars.DURABILITYCons: Keep your local climate in mind. Damp and humid weather can shorten a floor’s lifespan. For instance, hardwood can warp.Pros: Underestimate wear and tear depending on where you’re planning to install new flooring. Drop a glass jar on ceramic tile and it’ll chip; heavy foot traffic will beat up pretty plush carpeting.LAMINATECons: Standing water will ruin laminate flooring. I learned this the hard way after having a refrigerator leak, and I ended up having to replace all the flooring in my kitchen. If the laminate does get ruined, unlike read hardwoods, laminate can not be refinished.Pros: My favorite thing about laminate is that it does not easily scratch. And if it does, a little vegetable oil rubbed on the scratch will get it right out. It also can look like real wood or tile, and it can even be difficult to tell if it is real or not. Like hardwoods, laminate is easy to clean. You can even make your own cheap and natural house cleaners. It is also great for pets because they can’t scratch or stain it.COMFORTCons: Consider comfortable flooring materials, especially in rooms where you spend a lot of time standing, such as the kitchen, and if you have small children or plan to age in place.Pros: Contribute to household air pollution. Both traditional vinyl flooring and newly installed carpets can emit high levels of VOCs for up to 72 hours.

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