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A kitchen is a busy place and if you do not organize your kitchenware, you are in for a frustrating time. When setting up your new home, spend some time organizing your kitchen cabinets and drawers. The time spent here will ensure that you will enjoy working in the kitchen and all your tasks will be done efficiently.

Sort items based on use:

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The first step is to sort the kitchen items based on the frequency of their usage. Place items that you intend to use daily in a large cabinet that you can easily reach. It is preferable to place these items on a cabinet above the kitchen counter, rather than below so that you do not have to constantly keep bending to fetch an item. Use the lowest shelf for things that are needed daily. Items like dinner plates, cereal bowls, and salad bowls are most likely to fall in this category. If you do not have enough space to keep your plates, use a dish drying rack to stack them on the kitchen counter. Keep glassespersonalized gifts for her ideas, mugs, cups, and saucers in one place.

Keep fragile items safely:

Fragile kitchenware such as those made of bone china, delicate casseroles, stemware, and other items should be kept safely on upper shelves of your cabinets, out of reach. Since they are occasionally used, it will not cause much trouble when you need to retrieve them.

Place pots and pans in lower cabinets:

Heavy things such as pots and pans are best stored in cabinets below the kitchen counter, nearest to the cooking range. Look at various cabinet designs at Cliffside to decide which one works best for your kitchen. You can also hang your pots and pans from a pot rack, eliminating the need to stack them. Alternatively, you can place them on top of the cabinets themselves, if there is space.

Use drawer dividers:

When you have a number of small items to store in your kitchen drawer, you can insert drawer dividers to prevent them from moving around and getting mixed up with other items.

Pull-out cabinets:

Narrow cabinets that can be pulled out are ideal to store trays and muffin pans near the oven, where they can be conveniently accessed. They take up little space but help speed up work significantly.

Below the kitchen sink:

The space below the kitchen sink is particularly challenging due to the hoses and the pipes. This area can be organized by placing wire shelves to stock up cleaning liquid, sponges, scrubs, and brushes. You can add a pull-out unit for the trash can to make it easy to access the items behind it. Hooks can also be added inside the doors of the cabinet to hang items.

Add a spice rack and turntable:

Build a rack on the inner door of the cabinet closest to the cooking range to accommodate your spice containers. In addition, place a turntable on the counter for messy items like oils, sauces, and vinegar that is easy to clean.

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