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We are bringing a burst of shibori to the party with these DIY Shibori Poufs. Unlike Jacinda, I don’;t exactly have a knack for painting with watercolorpersonalized gifts for her ideas, so this project was perfectly forgiving. You can use these poufs to decorate for parties and to brighten up your home. Right now I have mine hanging over my office space. Grab a handful of coffee filters and let’;s get started!

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Learn how to make a DIY Shibori Pouf after the jump…;

Pick up a package of coffee filters.

Fold the coffee filters in quarters and paint the edges with indigo watercolor.

If you want you can also just paint the outside edges to keep more white showing.

Wait for them all to dry.

Now you will need a styrofoam ball and?pins.

Scrunch the middle of the coffee filter so it folds up as so…;

the coffee filters to the styrofoam ball at the bottom of where you have scrunched it.

Once you’;re complete, pin a piece of?jute twine or any type of string to the top of the pouf and hang.

.Forgotten savingsThe Hay Slow Cooker (hooikist) was invented in the Netherlands around 1900 and especially popular during the Second World War, when heating fuel was scarce. Nowadays it is forgotten, which is a pity as it can save up to 80% on cooking fuel costs. The Hay Slow Cooker is ideal in temperate climates for long cooking food in liquid such as beans, pulses, rice, grains, stews with meat like goulash, chicken pots like coq-au-vin, potatoes, porridge, soup, etc.. In warm climates a solar cooker is probably more practical. Do not slow cook fresh vegetables, steaming is the best way to preserve vitamins. The Hay Slow Cooker is easy and cheap to make and your food will never burn! It is also said that the Hay Slow Cooker is perfect for cooking large quantities, as the heat is spread more equally than on a stove.How it worksA pot on the stove requires continuous heating because it is constantly losing heat to its surroundings. A Hay Slow Cooker wraps around a hot pot and insulates, thus keeping the heat inside much longer. Only 20% of the normal cooking time on the stove is needed, the hay will do the rest of the cooking for free.How to use the Hay Slow CookerBoil the food on the stove one fifth (1/5) of the normally required cooking time up to a maximum of 20 minutes. Transfer the pot quickly to the Hay Slow Cooker. Leave the pot 3 times the normally required cooking time in the Hay Slow Cooker. Foods that require a very long cooking time can be reheated shortly to boiling point on the stove and then returned to the Hay Slow Cooker to continue cooking. Reheat the food to boiling point before serving to be sure of food safety.Filled almost to the brim with 4 liters (1 gallon) of boiling water and beans, the fully cooked contents of the pot were still 70 degrees Celcius / 158 degrees Fahrenheit after staying for 6 hours in the hay slow cooker of this instructible. These figures will vary depending on the size and model of the pot and hay slow cooker.

A few days before I needed to send off “the” Christmas package to my family out west, I decided that I needed to throw just “one more” gift in there. ?Normally I have quite a nice time planning out projects to sew for my nieces and nephews but this year I had not planned on sending them any handmade items. Partially because I was stumped, and partially because I didn’t have a sewing room (my stuff was all over the hallway and in the process of being moved).

I’m so excited to have Jenni from A Well Crafted Party as my guest today. ?She’s showing us how we can plan a last minute 4th of July Party with a few simple ideas! Let’s get planning!

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