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An early project I took on was wrist corsages. The wedding packages we were looking at from our resort included a bride's bouquet and groom's?boutonniere, and you could pay extra for bridesmaid bouquets and so on. Pay extra? I think not!

I already knew that I wanted the girls to carry parasols. I liked pictures I had seen, and thought they were beachy and practical for keeping the sun off. No way was I going to be buying more flowers in addition to the parasols! But I still wanted something. So I ransacked a collection of hand-me-down ribbons and flowers and DIY'd some wrist corsages for the girls, me (for rehearsal party, if we have one), moms, and grandmas (for the at-home-reception.) The grand total for this project was $0. The only thing I had not had for years was the flower for minepersonalized gifts for her ideas, which was a leftover flower from my veil and hair flower project (a future post!).

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The final product. From left to right: Mine, my two bridesmaids, four grandmothers, and the two moms.

I will start with the corsages for the mothers and grandmothers, and mine.

1. Find a flower (or several) that you like. I went with blues and whites, since blue was one of our colours.

2. Find a complimentary ribbon. Measure it so it is long enough to tie around the wrist, with a little hanging down.

3. Hot glue flowers to ribbon in the centre.

It is that simple!

Some of the flowers have a bead in the centre. If that is the case, take apart the petals (usually very simple once removed from the stem), push the ribbon through the hole in the centre, string it through the bead, then back through the rest of the flower.

For mine, I added a brad to the centre of the flower, and then I just poked the brad through the ribbon.

The bridesmaid ones were a little more finicky, though still simple. There are a few ways you can do this, and googling will probably get you a lot of ideas. Unfortunately, I did not take step-by-step photos, but I will try to describe it clearly.

1. Lay out the lace trim of your choosing. Add hot glue around one edge for about a length of 2 inches.

2. Fold the lace trim back on the hot glue. Do this a couple times (think of it like making a paper fan). This is now your centre.

3. ?Continue working the lace around the centre, doubling back on itself every inch or so.

4. Continue this until it is as large as you want it. Then trim it, glue the edge down, and hot glue to your ribbon to make it into a wrist corsage.

Some notes: Make sure you are checking the lace is lined up the whole time. Also, it is VERY easy to burn your fingers on the hot glue (speaking from personal experience!) so be careful.

I also created?boutonnieres for the men, but that is a different post as well.

These were easy and fun, and something different. What do you think? Are you creating bouts and corsages?

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