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Welcome to Week 2 of the Colossal Blocks quilt-along!

Last week I shared a complete list of materials you’;ll need to create this fun baby quilt. You can click here to visit the Colossal Blocks Quilt-Along Week 1 post to find out what you need. This week we’;ll be cutting the pieces needed to create the large format tumbling blocks top.

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The individual blocks for this quilt are cut 10 1/2″; equilateral triangles. You can use an equilateral triangle ruler sized large enough to cut 10 1/2″; triangles, or you can use a large cutting mat that includes a 30° or a 60o angle marked on the mat. I’;ll show you step-by-step how to cut equilateral triangles with your cutting mat.

Identify the angles printed on your cutting mat. To cut perfect equilateral triangles with this method you can use either the 60o or 30o angles, as long as the angle you are using is the “;top”; angle when you are cutting. On the photo of my mat above, the 30o angle is at the top, and this is the angle I am using to cut the equilateral triangles.?If you look closely at the angles on your matpersonalized gifts for her ideas, and you see the 60o angle at the top instead, use this angle.

With your fabric pressed and prepared, your fist step is to cut the fabric piece to the size of the finished triangles. We need 10 1/2″; triangles, cut the fabric pieces to 10 1/2″; wide.

Align the fabric strip cut to 10 1/2″; wide horizontally on the mat. Notice the angle I am cutting is the top angle on the mat, and am placing the right edge of the fabric slightly to the right of the?30o angle. Align the bottom edge of the fabric even with one of the horizontal grid lines on the mat.

Carefully align your ruler edge with the correct angle (I am using the 30o line), and make your first cut.

Turn the fabric so that the first cut now aligns with the horizontal grid on the mat, and the cut point matches perfectly with the angle (I am using the 30o line).

Align your ruler with the angle and make the second cut. You now have one 10 1/2″; tall equilateral triangle cut.?Keep on moving the fabric to align with the grid work and angle on the mat to continue cutting triangles.

NOTE: measure the height of the triangle, and not along the base to find this measurement.?If you want to triple-check to make sure your triangles are cut correctly, measure from the middle of each long edge to the top of the point to make sure it is 10 1/2″; tall?in each direction. If one of the measurements is significantly off, try again! If the triangles are not all cut the same way, the pattern won’;t fit together correctly when sewing the patchwork top together.

Cut the triangles as follows in the list below.

I checked the grain of my blocks during the layout steps, and made sure the grain is all going in the same direction. You don’;t have to have all the blocks oriented in the same grain line to make this quilt. I prefer to match the grain when sewing with large blocks cut on the bias because it can help the patchwork sew together with less stretching or warping.

Begin laying out the triangles with the top of Block A (yellow), the two lightest triangles on top to create a horizontal diamond.

The two darkest triangles are placed below the top left triangle, and the two medium triangles are placed below the top right triangle.

From there, move on to Block B (pink) and Block C (blue) in the same way. Just keep checking with these pictures if it gets confusing.

Fill in around the blocks with the white triangles to finish the layout! Next week we’;ll stitch the top together, trim it, and add the borders before moving on to the final steps.

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