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Key pieces such as sumptuous, silky curtains and rugs and textured pieces such as fabric wall hangings or luxury throws will provide detail or impact in place of the clutter. Miss-matching, juxtaposed patterns and pieced and patched fabrics will play their part in these key interior design pieces. ?

Pink, Purple and Blues may be the hue of the season, but sorbet colours will play their part in the season’s colour explosion too; and not just for soft furnishings and decor. We will see an injection of these shades into tableware, lighting, furniturepersonalised gifts for her, telephones, kitchen appliances and accessories in general. Furniture pieces are simple with clean lines and natural finishes, such as wood and marble. Artisan pieces will still play a big part in interiors and any man-made finishes will often be painted in rich colours, adding to the almost sketched artistry feel of this trend. ?

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Here are a few examples of colour injection accessories: A retro design telephone by Wild &; Wolf in sorbet shade mint green?? A statement coffee table by Tree Couture features a lemon tinted glass top and vivid yellow inset contrasted against the natural walnut. An artisan or up-cycled occasional table given a modern and colourful top treatment with contrasting accessories, provide an instant burst of colour. ?

? Season on season metallics play a part, usually in brightening and highlighting interior schemes. This season is no exception but metallic surges forward for more than just highlights. Metallic wall surfacing materials in glittery finishes are becoming abundant in 2014 and furnishings and fabrics get the metallic treatment too, to give the metallic finish a more important and prominent role in our interiors. ?

Gold, silver, bronze, platinum, gunmetal and nickel in shiny, matt or textured finishes are all featuring and gold seems to have prominence in favour over silver at the moment, although silver is holding its own. Metallics are applied to fabrics and furniture finishes too. Copper became increasingly popular throughout 2013 and its popularity is set to rise throughout 2014 too but in a different direction. 2013 favoured the glamorous and classy side of copper whereas the new season favours a more rustic, raw and industrial look for its inclusion in our interiors. ?

Scenting our homes with candles is nothing new and creating a relaxing, calm inducing, atmosphere in which to relax and unwind in our homes is nothing to be ‘sniffed’ at either; but how many of us give much thought to what fragrance we buy and why? What does it say about us and does it suit our homes and the atmosphere we’re trying to create. 2014 will see a bit of a fragrance renaissance where scented candles are concerned; and is all about fresh and interesting new fragrances. Vanilla and sandalwood are getting the elbow in favour of atmospheric and unusually scented candles whose fragrances evoke memories or emotions or set a scene for a certain event. A trend I suspect has emerged as part of the huge lean towards expressing our own personalities through our homes and interiors. Posh candles if you like, because much thought has gone into their fragrance to consider where, when and how they are going to be used and what effect or atmosphere they want to achieve. Fragrance and aroma have as big an effect on our emotions and well being as our visual surroundings do, but often without us realising it. I found a lovely collection here on Woman &; Home. But if your budget doesn't run to designer candles just yet, then take a quick look at the last of our clearance range of scented pillar candles and tea-lights here at Terry’s, but be quick because there’s only a few left! ?

The small and large Palm and Mottled Plum candles have the mouth-watering scent of black cherries, and the Rustic Green emits the gentle fresh fragrance of honeydew melons. ?

And these handy storage jars each contain 24 scented tea-lights in either White Linen, Vanilla or Cinnamon. ?


As many modern homes have predominately white or cream walls electric blue and silver look stunning or a more formal and elegant look can be achieved by using midnight blues and burnished silver.

People often neglect their dining room when it comes to changing the decorating style. Sometimes it's because they have all the furniture for the room in one style and fear nothing else will improve the room. Sometimes it's because the room is seldom used, so tiring of the appearance isn't a problem. However, with the new metallic material, carpeting, wallpaper and accents on-trend this year you can easily bring the old dining room look to life without purchasing new furniture.

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