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As a brand ambassador for BERNINA USA, I wanted to create a bright and cheery ?“in the hoop” mug rug. This one can be created in about 30 minutes. It can be something you make to brighten someone else’s day, or one that you simply enjoy for yourself!

Flower Mug Rug Design

accent pillow case baby burlap

Flower Mug Rug Embroidery Files

SVG Flower File (optional)?Flower Mug Rug

Hoop the No Show Mesh Stabilizer. Load the design into your machine. Start the machine. The first stitches are placement stitches for the batting. When the machine stops, lay the 5″; x 6.5″; batting rectangle inside the placement lines.

Start the machine. The machine will stitch a rectangular box that will tack the batting down, so that it doesn’t shift.

Start the machine. The machine will stitch a 5″; x 2″; rectangle. This is a placement line for the stripe on the side of the mug rug.

When the machine stops, place the 2″; x 5″; strip within the placement rectanglepersonalised gifts for her, with the fabric right side up. Don’t start the machine yet!

Lay the 5″; square on top of the strip, with right sides together.

Start the machine. The machine will stitch a 1/4″; seam. Note: I just hold the fabric with my fingers until the strip is stitched in place. Please, don’t run over your fingers!

When the machine stops, flip the top square over. Finger press in place.

Start the machine. The machine will tack stitch around the perimeter, to keep the fabric in place.

Change thread to the color you want for your flower. Start the machine. The machine will stitch a placement line for the flower.

Note: Now, it’s time to put the appliqué fabric in place. Choose one of the following methods. Cameo method—if you have a Cameo Cut out unit, use the included SVG file to cut the fabric. Take the fabric flower and lay it inside the placement lines. Press the flower in place, or use a glue stick to hold it in place. Traditional method—lay the 4.5″; square of fabric over the placement lines. After you have the fabric in place (either method), start the machine. The machine will stitch a zig zag tack line in the shape of a flower.

Note: If you used the Cameo method, skip to step 13. Here is a photo of the zig-zag stitching for the traditional method. Remove the hoop from the machine, but DO NOT remove the fabric from the hoop.

Lay the hoop on a flat surface, and trim away the excess fabric. Trim as close to the stitches as you can, without cutting into the stitches.

Start the machine again. The machine will satin stitch around the flower.

Change the thread to the color you want for the center of the flower (for my flower, it is yellow). Start the machine. The machine will stitch the flower’s center.

Change thread to match the background fabric. Start the machine. The machine will stipple around the flower.

Take the two 4.5″; x 5″; backing pieces, and lay them wrong side facing up. Place a 5″; strip of Dritz Wonder tape on one of the 5″; sides. Remove paper and fold over 1/4″; to hem. Make a double hem by placing another 5″; strip of tape on the folded edge, and folding again. Repeat with the other backing piece. You will have two pieces with a 1/4″; hem when you are done.

Lay one backing piece over the mug rug with the hem facing up and the un-hemmed edge even with the top of the mug rug.

Lay the second backing piece over the first piece. The hem will also be facing up. The un-hemmed edge will align with the bottom edge of the mug rug.

Tape over the seams with painter’s tape. This will prevent the foot from getting caught under the hem. Start the machine. The machine will stitch around the perimeter. Start the machine again. The machine will stitch a zip-zag stitch. This is just a little extra protection to ensure that the backing fabric stays in place when you turn it right side out.

When the machine stops, remove the hoop and the fabric from the hoop. Trim the mug rug close to the zig zag stitches, but don’t cut through them.

Turn the mug rug right side out. Use a chopstick to turn out the corners. Now, Enjoy!

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