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Tie-dye and summer go hand in hand, but in winter we are all about the Japanese art of Shibori dyeing. Have you tried it yet? Once I opened the package I was dyeing everything from scraps of fabric to dresses and pants.?Today I’;m going to show you how to incorporate Shibori into a sweet Valentine’;s Day gift with these Shibori heart hand warmers.

Learn how to make the DIY Shibori Heart Hand Warmers after the jump…;

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–;?Indigo?Dye Kit–; Cotton Fabric (prewash your fabric)–; Rubber bands or cotton twine

DIY Shibori Heart Hand Warmers

There are many different ways to tie your fabric. I decided to try out this triangle method on one of the pieces. You basically fold your fabric as you would fold a flag.Tie each corner with twine or a rubber band.

I experimented with different folds for other fabrics, including a rectangle accordion foldpersonalised gifts for her, and the technique Jacinda used for her Tie-Dye Tote.

Follow the instructions on the dye kit for how to create the indigo dye?and start dyeing.

Once your fabric is dyed, cut out a few hearts.

Place two hearts on top of each other, wrong-sides-facing and cut with pinking shears to avoid fraying.

Sew around the heart, leaving about a 1/2 inch gap opened.

Fill the heart with rice. I used a funnel to help me get all the rice in there easier.

Sew up the edge and backstitch to make sure it’;s secure.

To use the hand warmers, ?simply get the hand warmers wet and place in the microwave for about 45 seconds. It will be toasty and warm to use in the winter cold.

When it comes to first foods, nothing makes my baby more excited than going to chow town on a good meal of wholesome yogurt.

Bright and vibrant Pink Flambé will add a gorgeous pop of colour to brighten your rooms this Autumn/Winter. This striking colour is perfect for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms as it can be toned down to suit the style of your home and your décor. Thankfully pink is no longer considered a solely feminine colour which means it can be used in any home without prejudice or any stereotypical assumptions.

Today I’m going to show you how to make a tassel out of yarn. It’s the perfect little embellishment to add to a clutch or zippered pouch. This one even has a handy way to attach it to a zipper pull. If you like this post you may also like my post on how to make a pom pom zipper pull and how to make a pom pom.?

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