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I’;ve been in Love with Copper this year. I came across Pure Sweet Joy’;s Blog?and tested out her version. After some trial and error, making some adjustments to sizepersonalised gifts for her, I was amazed how beautiful a plant stand can look. Normally plant stands are accent pieces that you would not take too much notice in.??The copper shines so well?against the white pot and the extra lift in height just works beautifully together. ?I promise after you make your first, the next 2 will feel like a breeze.


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1o Foot 1/2 inch Copper Rod (I got mine from Home Depot)

A 1-1/8 inch Tube cutter

8 –; 1/2 inch Copper T-fittings

8 –; 1/2 inch Copper caps

Epoxy Glue

Step 1: Measure out all your Copper Pieces and cut them into these measurements:

*The?measurements can be adjusted according to your pot size. ?My measurements are just for reference but you can customize yours.

Inner Center Base: 4 x 2 inch Pipe sections

Outer Center Base: 4 x 2.5 inch Pipe?sections

Top extensions:?4 x 3 inch Pipe sections

Bottom feet:?4 x 6 inch Pipe sections

Step 2: You will need to connect the first 4 inner center pipes to 4 T fittings.

Step 3: Connect the?4 outer?center pipes to the T-fittings.

Step 4:?Connect the last 4 T-fittings to the ends of the pipe sections. Make sure the opening is facing up and down.

Step 5: Connect the 3 inch Pipe sections on to one side of the base and the 6 inch Pipe sections to the opposite side.

Step 6: Place on your end caps

Step 7: Once you are happy with the measurements and how everything turns out, I suggest you apply on epoxy to each connecting pieces. ?By doing so it will secure the stand from falling apart.

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